Monday, February 05, 2007


The New York Times had a frightening story this morning on the passage of a little noticed amendment to a Violence Against Women bill. The amendment will allow a much expanded DNA surveillance program by the federal government against its citizens. The new Justice Department program will make DNA sample taking as common as fingerprinting of anyone who is detained by the Federal Government.

Sadly, this amendment had the support of the Women's groups who were pushing for this bill. I think they may have set themselves against a lot of other generally supportive groups on this blunder and attack against civil liberties. Think of it, the Feds will now have access to every little bit of information on your potential mental stability, addictive proclivities, medical threats and God knows what else.

This is just one more corrosive event by the bush administration and Congress to put the their thumb down on average law abiding citizens. Hitch all this up with the Patriot Act and other legislation and we have "the death of a thousand cuts" of our Democracy".

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Anonymous said...

Are we reading the same story?

Your Democratic congress passed this. Not the Bush Administration.