Thursday, June 28, 2007


I will be participating in a national phone news conference today along with other high ranking land managers about the destruction of America's private and public lands by Off Road Vehicles (ORVs). The news conference is being put together by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility. Without a doubt ORVs are cumulatively causing more damage to our watersheds, wildlife and riparian areas than just about any other use. They are over stressing local law enforcement and medical rescue entities because of the injuries they are causing to mainly to many young kids who have idiot parents who let them drive these dangerous vehicles. My sister in law Jan Baca call them "Donor Vehicles." She is a surgical nurse.

Not all ATV drivers are bad, but there are enough of them who do flaunt protected areas and cause long lasting damage to our fragile western lands. They are enabled by corporations like Honda and Yamaha who build these machines and market them with commercials showing them tearing through streams and wild lands.

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