Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wilson and Nukes, Martin and Sanity

Congress lady Heather Wilson is upset that the lab's budgets are being cut in the area of nuclear weapons development. She isn't upset that we are fighting a senseless war in Iraq, or that America's automobile industry is squealing about higher mileage standards, or that there are so many people without health insurance. No, she is upset that we aren't going to build new nuclear weapons. I think there are about six or seven thousand nuclear weapons in the stockpile right now, ready to go. And she wants a new generation of bombs ready to go. Madness.

Last night I went to a fund raiser for Martin Heinrich. There was a great turnout and he has now raised an impressive amount in his quest to topple Wilson from her war bird perch. He just needs to raise another $3 million or so. He may well do it and I hope you all will help asap. He gave a good speech last night that didn't sound like a canned group of talking points from the Washington Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. I hope he keeps it that way.

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Natalie said...

If we keep building nukes, we won't need that pesky health insurance, will we? pfffttt...
Her priorities may be about keeping that industry alive but they are the wrong priorities.

I hope Martin does really well.