Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Think of these guys as the General Managers of the four main TV stations in Albuquerque.  They did hit the Bonanza with over $13 million dollars in revenues for this last election cycle.  Think of their cook, Hop Sing back in the Kitchen, as the Albuquerque Journal who probably didn't clock a quarter million in ad revenue.  If that doesn't tell you where things are going in newspaper land then you are an aspiring print journalist.

This amount doesn't include cable TV and radio, so the number is much higher.

Of course most of this money was sent in by special interest groups.  


Anonymous said...


Berry uses our money to pay two out of state attorneys something local attorneys could have done. These guys are going to make us pay them $750,000 per year plus expenses. What they hell is wrong with the citizens of Albuquerque! We need to demand that the city council end this rip off and give the contract to a local attorney. There are plenty of them who can handle this. Berry needs to stop handing our money to his rich, white, male, out of state friends.

And to connect the dots for the folks, Greenwood and STreicher do a lot of work for Taser. Taser doesn't pay them directly, they pay other companies who funnel the money to Greenwood and Streicher. Greenwood lives in Scottsdale. Taser is based in Scottsdale. Ray Schultz, the disgraced former chief how introduced Berry to Greenwood also resides in Scottsdale. Can you connect the dots.

Anonymous said...

Jay McCklesky and Kieth Gardner must be laughing all the way to the bank

Bubba Muntzer said...

Comcast and Dish know what you watch, the internet remembers everywhere you go on the web, cell phone calls and texts are recorded and it all goes into databases. I was just reading that Nashville is installing sensors all over the area to pick up blue tooth signals, supposedly to keep track of traffic flows. Yea right. The NSA is intercepting it whether they know it or not.

You can buy a newspaper without a photo id, read whatever articles you want, and nobody knows but you.