Thursday, November 06, 2014

Unintended Consequences

The election of republican Aubrey Dunn to the Land Office may have unintended consequences for the resource extractors.  The fossil fuel boys, miners and livestock folks may have shot themselves in the foot by heavily funding their tool.

Ray Powell was an honest Land Commissioner, but he was no firebrand or reformer.  He just chose to sit in that chair quietly.  Being there was enough for  him and it was his style of management.  He didn't rock the boat much so there was not much attention paid to the office in comparison with the notorious reign of republican Pat Lyons in that office.  Under his terms extractors got pretty much anything they wanted.

The environmental community did little in the way of watching the operation and maintenance of the Trust Lands while Powell was there.  Mostly because they knew Ray to be above board, if somewhat lacking innovative thoughts.

I have no reason to think Dunn is dishonest, other that the type of campaign his minions ran for him.  Once he gets into office and understands the fiduciary responsibilities he has, maybe he will rise to the occasion.  I certainly hope so.  But just the fact that he took all that special interest money will now shine a spotlight once again on the office.  The environmental community better pay attention to every policy initiative that comes out of that office.  Or they might regret it.


Bubba Muntzer said...

It's an interesting (and depressing) phenomena, that Democrats are given a free pass by Left leaning people to do whatever. Note how the president started wars in Libya and Syria, had a big "surge" in Afghanistan and started drone wars in Yemen, Pakistan and in Africa, with not a peep of protest. Not to mention his expansion of the National Surveillance State. And Democrats can push through any Reagonomics economic policy they want to at will.

If Aubrey Dunn shows up at his swearing in ceremony wearing his cowboy hat he's in big trouble.

Lorri PL said...

Thank-you for your continued input!

Anonymous said...

So does Aubrey Dunn have a meeting with the Kochs before or after he is sworn in?