Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Ho Hum

There will be an overall dismal turn out in today's midterm elections.  People are so nauseated by  the special interest funded TV ads that it is all they can do to keep their dinners down after watching the news.  That goes for me too.

The Albuquerque Mayor and City Council are again a day late.  They are trying belatedly to keep more APD Officers from retiring.  This probably wouldn't have been necessary if they had reacted immediately to the poor leadership and morale problems in the force.  I worry that a lot of the good officers are leaving behind the chaos in order to protect their reputations and mental health.

I will watch election returns tonight out of habit.  I will sit with a laptop to see what is happening around the country.  I hope the local TV News operations will be given permission to break into the mindless reality shows to give us a report once in a while on the local races..


Anonymous said...

Why would any cop in their right mind who can retire with an 80% pension want to continue working for a $6,000 to $12,000 incentive bonus? The overwhelming majority of these officers are still young enough and can get other jobs and move on even to other careers. Thing are only going to get even worse for APD before they get better. Why continue to work for an organization that continues in a downward spiral.

Listened to Berry and Eden on 770 KKOB Bob Clark show on Monday, November 3. Berry keeps insisting that it took "decades" for APD to get to its current condition requiring a Consent Decree. A year ago, Berry said APD was one of the finest Police Deapartments in the Country and that he and Ray Schultz had instituted all sorts if reforms saying there was no need for a DoJ investigation and Chief Schultz said that the DoJ would find APD's "house in order".
What a joke.

Berry refuses to take any responsibility for how he and his management team of Darren White, Ray Schultz, Rob Perry, Allen Banks, Bob Huntsman and now blond ambition Gordon Eden have mismanaged and destroyed a once great Department in just 5 years under Berry's failed leadership. He blames rank ad file for all sorts of problems but not any of his incompetant managers. Berry now wants to reinstate incentive pay that he got rid of in the first place as a cost saving measure. How can this fool of a Mayor sleep at night?

Bubba Muntzer said...

I hope you'll immediately tweet out any important Taylor Swift updates.

Apparently Saudi Arabia is going to start giving away oil. I was going to suggest going for a drive and enjoying the cheap gas but it might be better to stay off the roads tonight, at least until the governor gets to her victory party. There's going to be a buffet.

Har. My mail box has been full of post cards with pictures of gray people you're not supposed to vote for. It's been a good season for union mail carriers and the postal service, which also uses a lot of gas.