Saturday, November 08, 2014


I wrote a note to a friend in Mexico City today to ask him if he has regrets about moving home and business there in light of the killings of those students in southern Mexico by corrupt government and drug gangs.  He says he is distraught but that this is a disaster for the gangs and the government because, like the James Boyd killing in Albuquerque, the dam has broke.  I certainly hope so.

We kill our students in this country in a different way.  Not violently or instantly.  We just kill their economic futures with our system of student loans and division of wealth.  It is just as tragic.  Why can I finance a new car cheaper than a student can finance a semester of school?  Because the banks and Wall Street run things and their tools, including many democrats, sit by and let it happen.  


Anonymous said...

In Germany all students can go to college (even those from out of the country) for free. Imagine that a government that truly understands that an educated workforce is the best economic engine.

Oh and nothing will change in Mexico and the USA will continue not to care. Citizens in America care more about an Israeli than they do their own citizens. Let an Israeli get killed and all the Christian groups want to send money and support. Yet just two weeks ago 4 Americans were killed just south of the border in Mexico and no one here gives a damn.

This is a weird country.

Anonymous said...

Here is the link regarding the Americans recently murdered in Mexico.

Bubba Muntzer said...

That's an interesting story about the four young people killed in Matamoros, just over the border. The girl's Jeep Cherokee was found at a car lot owned by a "close confidant" of the mayor.

Not only are Israeli lives given more value than, say, Palestinians, as when a few Israelis killed by rockets are given more weight than the more than 2,000 Palestinians massacred by Israel this summer in just the most recent massacre in Gaza, but Americans have been killed and maimed as they participated in actions in support of Palestinians, and nothing happened. More arms were sent to Israel.

The most famous case is that of Rachel Corry, who was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer as she tried to prevent one of Israel's illegal home demolitions, but there have been others, 40 according to this account:

It's interesting, too, about American expats, as they are sometimes called. Ex-patriots. There are expat communities all over the globe. I wonder if they are constantly being asked for their "papers" by buffoonish local sheriffs or hunted down at the border by right wing dittoheads in pickup trucks?

I think that's only in America. To quote Anonymous, "This is a weird country."