Sunday, November 16, 2014


We were talking over coffee this morning on whether Governor Martinez, when she considers a run for VP of the USA, will again run against Bill Richardson.  It is the only thing she knows how to do.  She pretty much ran against him twice so far, while ignoring that great campaigner Gary King

I am getting really annoyed with TV commercials shot in slow motion.  Also commercials that show people doing yoga.  Or people doing stupid dances in celebration of chicken wings.  Or guys in three day beards celebrating the end of erectile dysfunction while smiling at their prancing wives.  In fact, every guy you see on TV commercial has a three day beard.  Damn!

If you are into SCI FI you might want to read Cixin Liu's Three Body Problem.  He is a famous Chinese author and the first book of his trilogy has been translated and published.  I read it in two days.  It is magnificent.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

Commercials are evil things, designed for one purpose, to get someone to buy something they otherwise would not have, and therefore don't need. They provide the fat for Capitalism. One day there will be dark, solemn monuments, former ad agencies, that people will think of as they now think of those preserved Nazi concentration camps with their ovens and gas chambers.

Commercials are also a good way to gauge the mood of the country, I think. Watch as their style and especially their tenor change with who is in power, Democrats or Republicans. Say what you will about the people who make ads -- the evil scum -- but they have their finger on the pulse of the nation better than anybody. It's their job to. They must, and millions are spent finding out what it is without us being aware of it.

No offense to anybody who happens to be in advertising, by the way. You're playing by the rules, which just happen to be evil. I actually admire your skills. We all advertise, after all. Ourselves. And get others to buy what they otherwise would not have and should not have, as a few women I've known would attest to.