Monday, November 17, 2014


No, that is not a misprint of NIMBY, which as you know stands for 'Not in My Back Yard".  NIMBY was the title of the Sunday editorial in the Albuquerque Journal.  It took to task what they think are the rubes who live in San Miguel and Mora Counties for their attempts at keeping the fossil fuel boys from ruining their water supplies.  What do the locals know, after all?  Well they drink the water don't they.  The Journal made a silly reference to them freezing to death in winter because of opposition to drilling and fracking.  Gee, they have been around up there in the north for hundreds of years with out the oil boys already.  And they didn't freeze.

NIMFY to me means 'Not in My Front Yard.'  As in the Albuquerque Journal being thrown there every morning by our steady and true deliverer of the NY Times and Journal.  But honestly, I just can't live with out the insipid editorial pages and right wing editor kick starting my heart every morning.


Bubba Muntzer said...

I almost feel sorry for whoever writes the Journal editorials, so uninformed they are and argued at such a low level. I get the impression they get their inspiration while listening to Rush Limbaugh on the way back from lunch. They list some sound bites and then flail about looking for a way to close it off.

Mora County received national attention when it banned fracking, and some very favorable publicity in the environmental camp. their bravery and foresight was lauded. You read every week about some locality banning fracking but until then it was usually cities where there was no fracking going on and it was just symbolic.

If the kind of radical changes are to take place they say are needed to slow global warming it will take a few brave boards like theirs (and other politicians) to step out in front to begin the change.

While the Jounral snottily talks about keeping warm at night, there are already alternatives that can power everything, and fracking isn't helping make them more affordable. They talk about keeping kids home from school. Well, how about making the rick pay their fair share of taxes again like they did before Reaganomics set in.

New Mexican said...

"Rubes"? Really?

Jim Baca said...

that is how the fossil fuel boys see them....I think they are great visionaries in protecting their land and water.
They are not rubes at all.