Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lauren Villigran

The Journal's southern NM correspondent wrote an excellent Up Front Column today on the immigration and border security issues.  It is a dose of reality for all of those xenophobic Americans who think brown people from the south will kill us all.  Just look at some of the facebook comments on her column.  Gee, they don't think that way about Canadians.  I wonder why?

Essentially, Lauren says the current hysteria is a tempest in a teapot.  Read the article and you will find out we are spending triple the money while the illegal border crossing has fallen by 86% since the year 2000.  And it isn't because of enforcement.

And then think of the time wasted on the drivers license issue in Santa Fe over the last five  years.  Instead of working on this kind of nonsense, why not work on economic development?  Mexicans have stop coming across the border in the New Mexico sector because Governor Susana Martinez is incompetent in bringing jobs to our state.

Once again, how many trips has she taken with her economic development team outside the state?  We know she is constantly outside the state raising money for other right wing candidates.  Could she squeeze out a little time to show she cares about our economic malaise?   In this lifetime?

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Anonymous said...

I listen to Canadian radio everyday and they think that we have severe social problems, our health care system is bad,and costs too much. They seem to view us as the crazy neighbor next door. Although they are too polite to say it. The Canadian talk radio shows are more objective and their politics seem much more saner than here. I really don't think the Canadians would want to give up their health care and social benefits to move here. They don't trust us especially after the War of 1812 when the U.S. tried to invade Canada. One of my ancestors came to Canada to fight against the Americans.
As for Gov. Martinez using this immigrant issue instead of doing something for the people of this state. I don't think too many immigrant want to live here with no jobs and low wages. New Mexico would be like home for them a third world country with no economic prospects. There are more people leaving the state than moving in and I'm sure that once the college students graduate with the lottery scholarship they will move to another state for more opportunity,
One last thing if you google New Mexico on the Bloomberg site you will see an article titled "New Mexico Can't Balance It's Check Book". Over $100 million can't be accounted for in state spending. New Mexico's bond rating has fallen and the article states that New Mexico isn't a good investment. Where did that money go to?