Friday, February 06, 2015

Pot Holes

That GOP run House of Representatives in the New Mexico state legislature might be a metaphor for a pothole.  At the same time they are guaranteeing that we will all be victims of potholes on our state roads and highways.  Even the ABQ Journal seems to think it might be a good idea with plummeted gasoline prices that the time is right to increase the per gallon tax.  But, republican Jason Harper of Rio Rancho, says  that any additional monies brought in would would cause too much pain for New Mexico taxpayers.  Highly stupid comment.  Think of the pain to your wallet of having to fix your car's alignment every week or so.  His fellow GOP wing nuts agreed with him.  This may be the most intellectually unarmed gaggle ever to serve in the legislature.  Better call Saul when your accident is caused by a lack of road maintenance.  And then send these idiots the bill.

I am willing to bet these same guys liked the tabling of that payday loan interest curtailment bill.  


Anonymous said...

Problem is, from information contained in the Journal editorial, is that they are eyeing using the money to build large projects. So they will be adding to their maintenance responsibilities while continuing to fall behind on fixing the existing roads. I say no increase unless it is 100% committed to maintenance.

Jim Baca said...

typical of the tea party compromise ever and let everything go to hell

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jim I wasn't trying to come across as unresonable. I was trying to be brief. I think my position is a compromise position. More money in an exchange for a change in business practices. Reading the quotes of Representative Larrangra, I am left to believe that they want to go full in on big new projects. From an economic competitive standpoint New Mexico would be better serve with more well kept infrastructure than just more infrastructure. If I remember correctly, you did this with the City and the quarter cent for transportation. That is what I think we should be asking of the DOT. Read about the Tennessee DOT chief, all states are pretty much in the same boat. We can't get out of this crisis by doing more of what got us there.