Thursday, February 05, 2015


The legislature, with the help of the media,  is really good at camouflaging their work in Santa Fe.  They have a lot of experience in manipulating young reporters into covering issues that are really peripheral to what needs  attention.  Coyote killing contests are getting the most ink right now.  Dog fighting will be next once again after a front page story in the Journal this morning.

The media is spending time keel hauling legislators who let lobbyists hang out in their offices and use their coat racks.  This has been going on for a century but all of a sudden republicans are calling democrats on to the carpet for the practice.  Lots of ink and airtime on this nothing burger of a story.

In the meantime the lawmakers have tabled a bill capping payday loan rates to 36% interest per annum.  Currently these blood sucking bastards charge people most in need up to 346% in interest.  When the revolution comes (dream on) these will be the first people hunted down.

Minimum wage hikes have been killed so far, but emotionally charged sex laws move quickly.

New Mexico's continuing downward economic spiral gets little notice even while our high learning institutions continue to suffer and cut class offerings.  CNM has cut 500 classes due to lower enrollment because a lot of kids just can't afford to go to school while working minimum wage jobs that the legislature think pays just fine.


Bubba Muntzer said...

That would make a great commentary on the evening news. Concise, vivid writing that's all directly tied to the real life events you're commenting on, explains them in a way people will understand. It has punch, as they say.

Chicago local TV stations, which I grew up listening to across the lake in Michigan, always had local commentators on the evening news. We should start a campaign to get you on the air in that capacity.

One thing though. About this: "When the revolution comes (dream on)..."

It's difficult for me, too, to see how a revolution could come about in the present conditions, but it's always seemed impossible at any given time, given how a society is structured.

It's a function of how we perceive the world that the future is always hazy until it's past. I ask everyone who reads this to refer to this Wikipedia article "Revolutions and rebellions"

a list of many, many, of them, so many they are condensed into other web pages by decade, continuing right up to the present year. They always happen sooner or later, because resisting oppression is part of human nature. We can be conditioned to go along, but that conditioning is temporary because the will to resist can't be bred out of us. It's what keeps us alive.

Anonymous said...

Jim not all is doom and gloom.. The Berry-Perry show paraded out Gilbert again to push Rockefeller Center, ABQ. style. Next week we are going to have audtions for the Burqetts. Jim why didn't you think of this crap when you were mayor? Guess you were too busy ! Just sayin