Tuesday, February 10, 2015


While I was up in Colorado being a grandparent for a few days I followed legislative happenings in Santa Fe.  I tried to put it all in a perspective of how it would affect my new twin grand daughters if they were to ever move back to the New Mexico.

First, on a very refreshing note is a bill introduced by a republican, Representative Terry McMillan of Las Cruces, that would protect pregnant women workers in our state.  Having watched the travails of our daughter since October, we really should do better about being more flexible in work schedules and leave times for pregnant women.

However, most other legislators on both sides of the aisle are spending their time on issues that bear little weight in preparing New Mexico to be a welcoming and prosperous place for Alex and Katy.  Culture war issues, like abortion, so called right to work laws, and gun issues, are really taking unnecessary time.  But it is a way to keep the sap public from realizing they are being had on better wages and a progressive tax system.

I wish everyone could travel to other states and just take in their participation in the recovering economy.  It might open some real debate in Santa Fe and finding a way to get New Mexico caught up.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of legislation Jim , Rep Rehm wants drivers license issue front and center Again cause it goes against Federal law. WOW but the ACA inacted under Federal Law, is alright to not participate in "just because we(republicans) don't want more Federal Gov. In our business " How does that work Mr Rehm?