Monday, February 02, 2015


The Mayor was quick on the spot to travel to Mexico to get press ops next to the successful Two Eagles balloonists.  There is nothing wrong with that at all, except I wish he had been quick on the APD and economic disaster in our city as well.

The new republican State Land Commissioner told the legislature he could take over the federal public lands in the state and manage them.  This is simply trash talk from a cowboy who apparently thinks that the federal government stole those lands from New Mexico.  I would suggest that Aubrey Dunn read his state's own enabling act and constitution to figure out how all of this works.  So far, he is not studying very hard.

If the Governor Susana Martinez vetoes a minimum wage hike for the 1 percenters again, she will really go down in history as a corrupt and immoral Governor.


Anonymous said...

Berry probably figures it is safer in Baja than in Albuquerque

Anonymous said...

See also: "Governor’s nasty letter costs NM $100,000,000 in health exchange funding; NMHIX staff scrambling to build a new exchange"

Anonymous said...

Only in NM does the city give retention pay to people that have destroyed APD and want to keep them around. What a joke.