Thursday, February 26, 2015


Channel 13 just did a story on a lost chicken.  It really happened. This means that things in Dick Knipfing's old newsroom aren't to the point of throwing blows like at Channel 4.  It just means......  I don't know what it means.


Bosque Bill said...

Chickens in Albuquerque - Llamas in Phoenix! The world is going to the dogs..., er critters.

Anonymous said...

Not on subject Jim but Breaking News!! Now the city is gonna spend money on Rapid Ride down the middle of central av. How can Berry say No money, no revenue, we're broke. More Berry or should I say Sinatra "I did it MY way".

New Mexican said...

There is only so much stuff that can be considered news in a market the size of Albuquerque. The number of TV and radio stations, newspapers, weblogs etc., out looking for "news" is huge, hence, in my opinion, the lost chicken type of news.

It has to be a frustrating job for the news reporters of any media, they no longer look or dig for news, they beg for pictures to show on their telecasts or "news tips" on their tip lines.

KKOB went from a decent radio station with interesting forma(s) to a sensationalized right wing talk show format to stay financial viable.

The Albuquerque Tribune is gone and the Albuquerque Journal seems to be in the transition stage from newspaper to a political tabloid. The Journal now reminds me of a larger version of the Espanola Sun od a kinder gentler National Enquirer.

I chart the decline of news outlets by their advertising. What do they advertise to bring in the money. The advertising reveals who the advertisers see as their audience.