Monday, October 26, 2015


New Mexico has been listed as being in the cellar, ranking as number 47 in economic health and a terrible state to do business in.  Forbes just skewered New Mexico's economic performance, noting that over 11,000 people have out migrated due the lowest job creation performance in the good ole USA.  Of course there is no comment from the Governor on this.  Why?  Because she is in Hawaii this week having a good time doing fund raisers for republicans there.  There is really nothing wrong doing fund raisers, but there is a lot wrong back here where there are fewer and fewer constituents in the electorate every year.

It is a new day and age in the Land of Enchantment, a time where no leader is held accountable by our corporate media, if they are republicans that is.    I suppose the only good thing is that there is not much lower we can go, but I am sure in a few months we will find out.


Anonymous said...

The refusal of Eden, Perry, Berry, Walz Martinez to accept responsibility for what Albuquerque has become is disgusting. This is the same group/political party that wants to hold all of us accountable to their standard of morality. Yet, no one in the City or in the Martinez administration will step up, accept what's going on and tell us how we can work together to change it. It's not the courts, it's not the legislature, it's the divisive politics that have ripped this state apart and the same individuals still refuse to accept they have been in power for 5+ years and our state is failing miserably. How about an editorial on that Walz? Why is the media on board? It's because they think the republicans have all of the money to buy ads from their stations. Don't get the money people mad at you.

Anonymous said...

I left NM in 2000 for better opportunities in the mid west rust-belt. In the past I longed to return to enjoy the sunshine, vistas and diversity of cultures. Now I am glad to have left and probably will not return even in retirement. I continue to monitor events but am really saddened and angry about the present situation, particular in Abq.