Sunday, October 11, 2015

Must Read

This is an article everyone should read.  Bill Moyers penned it two years ago.  Given the fact that the New York Times has reported 158 families have given half of all campaign contributions, it is more timely than ever.

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Anonymous said...

The Journal's Sunday front page article on entrepreneur Dan Burell entitled "NM's New Power Player" must have given the Journal editor's a sickening feeling to publish such a nice piece on such a strong Democrat. Also noteworthy was the fact that no mention was made of RJ Berry and his cheesy and worthless little program "Innovate Albuquerque" ever reaching out to Burell for help and advice. It no doubt was hard for the Journal to write ...Burell is transforming himself into a miner, rancher, benefactor and one of New Mexico s ardent entrepreneurs--hoping ... to mold himself in the image of billionaire Warren Buffet, and incredibly socially responsible investor ..." Burell is creating jobs in New mexico and building $85 million dollar Osteopathic Medical School. One of Burells programs provides for college scholarships of $825,000 to student's.