Thursday, October 15, 2015

Different Worlds

You would think that the sixty miles that separates the daily newspapers in Albuquerque and Santa Fe would not make those New Mexico Cities look like they are in different worlds.  However, if you were to read yesterdays coverage in the Santa Fe New Mexican and Albuquerque Journal on the  statewide fundraising of the Republicans and Democrats you would think, WTF?

The Journal story says that pro Republican groups have an edge.  The Santa Fe New Mexican puts the real story out about how the oil and gas industry is single handedly funding our right wing Governor Susana Martinez's PACs to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The Journal seems to think the fact the former Governor Bill Richardson gave $1500 to Senate leader Michael Sanchez is paramount, but then practically ignores reporting the numerous large denomination contributions of the fossil fuel boys largesse to the GOP.  The Journal does point out the the real benefactors in the GOP are Susana's right wing advisors and campaign managers, Jay McClesky and his wife who walked off with hundreds of thousands in fees.

Go back an read the stories and see the differences.  It is striking and just proves the point that the Editor of the Journal, Kent Walz, has truly moved the right wing editorial page agenda onto front page news coverage.  How much longer can the Publishers, the Lang family, allow this to continue?

There is one silver lining here in my opinion.  The dependance of the GOP on the fossil fuel boys can only be fruitful for a limited time.  Their era of dominance is passing quickly and renewable energy becomes more and more competitive.  It can't happen soon enough.  


Anonymous said...

Seriously, I think my subscription to the ABQ Journal is force of habit. Their editorial slant is absurd, the bias comical. Reading the comics balances this a bit. Being the butt boy of APD and and the Rob Perry administration has eviscerated the Journals credibility. I don't mean to offend any worthy working butt boys out there. You are head and shoulders above Kent Walz.

Anonymous said...

It is really pathetic how the Journal goes out of its way to NOT report the very real bullying tactics of Chief Administrative Bully Rob Perry, even when it happens in public. The Journal barely mentioned how all of APD's top brass entered the City Council Chambers to intimidate the City Council over retention pay. It was Rob Perry who orchestrated that little APD intimidation tactic. Last week, Rob Perry got served at the city council meeting with a civil lawsuit for the time he went out of his way to stand beside and reportedly shoved a private citizen in order to obstruct a view and interfere with the citizen taking videos of a city council meeting. After that meeting Perry and a Deputy City Attorney verbally assaulted the same citizen in the undergound parking lot! Ken Ellis, the father of one of the victims of one of APD's shootings, served Rob Perry with the lawsuit. Only one TV station covered the story and the Journal could careless even though Journal reporter Dan McKay was present and nothing was reported.

Anonymous said...

A Federal Reserve survey of oil producers in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Wyoming and the northern half of New Mexico found that they needed to get $60 a barrel to turn a profit, about $20 more than current market prices, and creditors have so far not tightened lending limits, although a couple of major producers in Wyoming, Samson Resources and Chesapeake Energy, are struggling to meet debt obligations, with Samson filing for bankruptcy and Chesapeake restructuring its debts.
The problem is twofold. Not only are producers selling their current production for less, but the drop in prices means their reserves are not as valuable. That cuts into firm's future expected earnings. Analysts say the combination could leave companies outside their lending terms, prompting firms to sell assets, merge or go bankrupt.