Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Tragedy

APD Officer Daniel Webster died this morning.  No matter what anyone thinks of the performance of APD, this is always a tragedy.  Hopefully, his family will be taken care of by our community.  Hopefully, we will begin to see a real effort at handling such gun violence that took his life from him.  

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New Mexican said...

Some in the Albuquerque Police Department seem to see Albuquerque citizens as enemies and have no fear of shooting first and asking questions later. The sheer number of police shootings, especially killings, is alarming and stunning to the average New Mexican. The Mayor and police chief have a policy of just ignoring these types of killings.

This being the case some, I repeat some, will then see APS as the enemy. This attitude is fueled by the police themselves, their attitudes and actions. The police chief and the mayor share responsibility, they cannot blame anyone else for this situation.

We need to keep in mind that there are consequences to actions, consequences for the law breakers, consequences for the police, consequences for the politicians who look the other way and most of all there are consequences for Albuquerque citizens. That, while troubling, is a real fact.