Thursday, October 22, 2015

An Ideal Question to Ask

Will one of our so called journalists on TV ask a simple question, since the ABQ Journal won't let their reporters make hard probes into the Berry administration's performance?  Come on Larry Barker or Stuart Dyson, you used to be journalists and I know you have it in you to ask hard questions.  Just ask the Chief of APD and Mayor Berry how many officers were on duty in the area command  where the officer was shot last night.  And compare that with how many would have been on duty in the year 2000.  Is that doable for  you poor leftovers in modern TV News?


Bubba Muntzer said...

The threat of a targeted boycott of one or more of a news media's biggest advertisers would get their attention; a line of picketers in front of a big car dealership for example. A phone call would be made from the dealer to the station you can be sure.

Anonymous said...

The ideal question to Berry is "Do you acknowledge or take any responsibility or should be held accountable for the destruction or complete meltdown of a police department that can no longer protect the citizens of Albuquerque and that developed a culture of violence?" The ideal question to Eden is "Do you take any responsibility or should you be held accountable for the current increase in crime rates and the inability of APD management to effectively police the City of Albuquerque?

Anonymous said...

According to Berry crime in Albuquerque is the lowest "ever" so move along. There is nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...

Sad how Berry and Eden have both turned their backs on APD Detective Jacob Grant. They do not visit him or his family. He is all but forgotten by those in charge of this city. The media and the public should turn their backs on Berry. He has harmed this city and this police department far more than any crook. He started back in 2010 with two goals, destroy the police union and cut the city workforce by 25%. He has achieved both and this is the result. Berry owns every bit of it. I am surprised he isn't running off to Brazil or camping, that is what he usually does when his mistakes come back to haunt him.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Someone yesterday mentioned something about Berry and Eden blaming everything on someone else and the system. I just read a Journal article where Eden was blaming a "turntable justice" system that lets criminals out too soon and saying how he wants "mandatory minimums" for violent offenders like some kind of cowboy sheriff with his thumbs in his gun belt spitting tobacco juice.

It was amazing to read this just after the US congress concluded in a bipartisan fashion that mandatory minimum sentences accomplish nothing but to fill up the prisons to overflowing and have got us at the point where we spend more money on prison building than on school building. As Eden was speaking congress was working on legislation to reverse this idiotic Reaganomics social experiment.

And the Albuquerque police union wants us to stop what we're doing and go buy blue ribbons to wear everywhere and I suppose spread over the graves of the small town's worth of innocent unarmed people they've blown away.

Will someone please start making some damn sense? If society is becoming a mad dog, beating it harder won't help. Locking more people in cages for longer times won't help. Cutting education more to build more cages won't help. Passing out more guns and bullets won't help. Setting more members of the lower echelons of society adrift and blaming them for having problems they were born with won't help.

If you have a room with 20 people in it, one of them is going to brag about how when he was a kid his dad didn't spare him the rod by god, but the vast majority of us know that children need a nurturing environment to grow up in. We're constantly extolling the virtues of extended loving families with grandparents and everybody else showering love on the kids, but as soon as we fix our gaze on society at large we become complete assholes, morons who compete and undercut and wish ill will and apparently are so consumed with the stock market or who's winning what that we forget everything except clubbing each other over the head like apes.

Please get your heads out your rear ends. Take stock of where we are. Think about how we get to some better place. There are places where there is no crime to speak of. No gun deaths to speak of. No killer cops at all. Where people, and children, can walk around after dark and kids grow up knowing they can go all the way through college if they want to because the nice people in the nice country they live in are going to chip in and pay for it, because they care about how they turn out instead of having that money go into the pockets of people who are already filthy rich.

Bubba Muntzer said...

I guess Berry read my comment. He was back at it in today's paper:

"Berry said no one is responsible for what happened to Garcia and Webster except the criminals who shot them."

Using this logic, no one is responsible for what happened to Garcia and Webster except Garcia and Webster.

And if Berry walks into a street where the streetlight is out and gets run over, it's no one's fault but Berry's.