Wednesday, October 07, 2015


What Inspiration?  An 8% voter turnout yesterday is more of an indictment against Mayor Berry and the City Council than any amount of ranting I could engage in.

As a result we now have poor people paying for Zoo improvements for the Bio Park Supporters.  We now have the City Council making decisions on who the police chief will be and making it near impossible to hold anyone accountable.  We now have a gross receipts tax that has increased mightily and will affect the poor.  We will now have a tougher time getting business to locate here since they notice this kind of malaise and lack of leadership.

What is happening in Albuquerque?  Or in New Mexico for that matter?  Our economic tailspin continues at a frightening rate and the public just lets the weak leadership endure.  Scary stuff.


Anonymous said...

This bullshit,started with YOU! Fucken DILDO! You and Bubba bullshit Munster are full of the Devils shit.

Anonymous said...

I will bet you own guns. anonymous. another disturbed underachieving boy.

Anonymous said...

Man I hope he owns guns............... We all need to own guns in this city and country.