Wednesday, March 02, 2016


The rise of the GOP wrecking Donald Trump is so funny.  The GOP created him through their non stop hatred of a Black American President and an extreme right wing agenda targeted at women and Latinos.  And now this bizarre individual will destroy the Party of Lincoln.  And Donald Trump, who never really wanted  to get this far, will  probably surprise us once again by pulling out of the race on some trumped up illness or emergency.  Or some crazy person with a gun, thanks to the NRA and GOP, will assassinate him.  It could happen to any of the candidates really.

If there was any doubt to the power of social internet media it should be dispelled by now.  All of those racists can meet and organize under cover of zeros and ones.  A digital shroud, so to speak.  And they can speak with one voice.  The voice of Trump.


Philip Crump said...

The demise of the so-called GOP was begun with the "Southern Strategy" that launched their pandering to the lowest denominators via hypocritical religiosity and "family values" that masked racism and elitism. Long gone are the days of civil discourse in the political arena. How sad for our nation. And tragic if something positive doesn't come out of this demise.

".. The GOP finds itself trapped in a marriage that has not only gone bad but is coming apart in full public view."

Anonymous said...

Please do not even bring up or even suggest assassination. Frankly, your better than that. This country has seen way too much assassination before in presidential campaigns such as Bobby Kennedy and even George Wallace. In the case of both Kennedy's, an assassins bullet changed history.

Anonymous said...

America today, where you can't say things.....that Baca is bad if he says the word assassination. That is silly, because it is a real possibility. Should Baca not talk about mass shootings in schools because he is better than that?

Bubba Muntzer said...

The unraveling of the GOP coalition is one thing, and it's very significant for the current moment, but coalitions among people with disparate interests always ultimately unravel. It happens from period to period, from country to country. The coalition by which Hindu supremacist Narenda Modi swept to power is already unraveling, for example. The GOP's has lasted a good while but it is a relatively recent incarnation of that party. The Democrat's coalition with southern white supremacists came undone to be replaced with other ever evolving ones.

We need to keep these things in mind but as we seriously look at what Jim is talking about. There's some Trump follower, and Trump, in all of us. Even if we lay the blame at the feet of ignorance, what part did we play in letting our public schools and our public discourse deteriorate as we stood by and watched media monopolization take place and the privatization ethic infest our thinking and take hold of both major political parties, which both are, after all, the parties of Capitalism, and have conspired to keep other parties off ballots and other viewpoints silenced.

Anonymous said...

Bring up assassination fans the flame and is a far cry and not in the same category of condemning mass shooting.

Vicki said...

GOP made a deal with the devil 50 years ago to win the southern vote and now the devil is collecting his I.O.U.