Monday, March 07, 2016


I have been trying to figure out the people that support Trump and Cruz.  And then a new SciFi novel I just down loaded from a favorite author has explained it for me.  The novel is "Quantam Night", by Robert Sawyer.

The book deals mostly with psychology in a SciFi way.  He postulates that the human race is made up of three types of humans.  One group is named P-Zeds, short for Philosophical Zombies.  They are people who don't think, but just follow and regurgitate anything given to them.  The second group are classified as psychopaths.  In varying degrees they could be violent, but most are just greedy and controlling.  They think of no one but themselves.  The third group is called Q-3s.  They are thinking people who consider other humans in every decision they make.  They think about thinking and are highly functioning.  P-Zeds out number the other two groups which are evenly split.

I haven't finished the novel yet  but it is aimed towards some sort of breakthrough in making every one a thinker.  One could only wonder if this would be good, but I have to think it would be.  It might  lessen the ability of people like Trump and Cruz from gathering so many P-Zeds around their candidacies.   If only it were real.


Anonymous said...

As a P-Zed I find your observations offensive. I may be offended, I'm not sure. Evidence will soon show. As soon as I find out, I'll bring them to you. Evidence of your offensiveness. Mister smarty, I read books, pants.

Jim Baca said...

Now, that is funny.