Tuesday, March 15, 2016

UNM in Shambles

I can't believe the UNM Board of Regents actually voted to do a power grab from the Health Sciences institution.  This is the result of the Governor's Office wanting supreme power through its puppet Regents at UNM.  Everyone else be damned.  This is akin to sabotage on a grand scale just so our Governor can feel the rush.

This isn't over.  The next Regents meeting will resemble a Trump Rally.

Meanwhile,  New Mexico media has tried to make things look a little rosier on the economic front by extolling the virtue of being slightly better in unemployment rates than Alaska and Mississippi.  Another great victory for our GOP Governor.


Ok, then said...

Martinez just copied a page from Jindal's playbook. This is very bad news for New Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Paul Roth has control over the office of the medical investigator, the medical school, the hospital and he is the ceo of the cancer center -- that's too much authority for one person even so everything this governor should be closely looked into because she did a job on the mental health services for the state to the point where she should be crimiinally investigated

Anonymous said...

Susana Jay and Kieth Gardner were out to destroy Dr Roth since there first day in office

Margie McCurry said...

Paul Roth built UNM Medical Center after Len Napolitano birthed it... 50 strong years of history... when I was the first Development Director, we had BCI and the Dr. Pepper bottling plant to work out of! Now look at all the buildings on the mesa, and the reputation. Don't destroy that! thanks..Margie McCurry

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Anonymous said...

People are acting like UNM is Yale West.
They just captured an escaped murderer hanging out with dozens of other low-llfes on the campus' main entrance.
Meanwhile, at this very moment, you'll find the wait to get your broken ankle checked to be at least 4 hours at the UNMHC ER...and you'll have to stand for much of that, because they allow the waiting room to serve as a homeless shelter (go down there and see for yourself at 4:30 one morning). If you're lucky, an orderly will whisper in your ear that you need to leave and go to Pres...which is exactly what happened to me recently.
UNM reflects ABQ in general and the state as a whole...it's broken beyond repair, thanks to a culture of manana that despises outsiders.
The majority of the many people leaving the Land of Entrapment have 4-year degrees. Think about that for a moment when you ponder what good UNM does for the state. Maybe we pull a Trump, and instead of building a wall and sending a bill to Mexico, we should send a bill to Colorado and Arizona for educating their future leaders!
Get your act together, New Mexico.