Friday, March 11, 2016

We are not Alone!

When I say we are not alone, I mean in the political clown circus we call New Mexico.

I just got back from a two day meeting of the board of the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance.  If you think there are crazy pols here, you haven't been to Utah.  I could blather on endlessly about their members of Congress, but that is known on the national scene pretty well.

But, their legislature has to be the biggest bunch of fundamentalist wackos in the country.  They just voted to fund a non profit in southern Utah in the name of some worthy cause.  Actually it is highly  suspected that the money will be used to pay defense costs of a County Commissioner who was found guilty of leading a highly illegal off road vehicle caravan into a wilderness study area.  He lost in court and is now heavily in debt from his defense costs, so his right wing buddies in the Legislature cooked up this scheme to help him with tax payer dollars. Apparently, his attorney is running the new non profit entity.

Those same law makers just voted to give $55 million dollars to the developers of a new port facility in California which will ship Utah Coal overseas.  They are upset that the folks in California don't want to approve the port because of fossil fuels impacting the climate.  The Utah boys fell their  rights are being infringed on.  You know, their rights to help destroy human life on the planet.

Right now, NM looks okay.

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