Tuesday, March 08, 2016

New Pols

I have had a couple of calls in the last week from some young under 40 years of age aspiring politicians.  They wanted to have coffee and talk about some issues.  One of them didn't show up on Saturday morning and never called to reschedule.  Bad staff there.  The other one, a  young lady named Ane Romero is running for the Legislature in an incredibly diverse district that covers parts of the North East Heights, North Valley and West Side.

She was a breath of fresh air and full of strong feelings on how to make things work better in Santa Fe.  But the reason I bring this up is that most of us old pols, in office or out of office, aren't going to be relevant much longer.  There is a new crop coming up and they will be running things within the next few years.  I am hopeful they will be more willing to work across the aisle, but that will take both sides of that aisle willing to do so.

In my experience there are three kinds of people who run for office.  Those who just want power, those who want power and to pursue an agenda, and those who just have an agenda to work on.  That first group is pretty much self centered.  The other two groups can be good or bad officials, but they do have others in mind when carrying out their duties.  I am hopeful most of these younger folks are mostly from that third group.


Anonymous said...

Right on target, old man. Is it harder to recruit younger people dedicated to the common good these days? I think not, but there aren't very many of them in our consumer oriented me first culture. Just have to find them and encourage them to step forward. That's always been the case, and it still is. Good for you for extending a hand. New Mexico will be the better for it. (We can rest assured that the other side isn't sitting on their hands when they go out to "hire" young folks to step forward for their point of view.....)

Anonymous said...

You are speaking for yourself when you say "most of us old pols, in office or out of office, aren't going to be relevant much longer" and your statement is a reflection of a person that has become so beat up by the process and so use to retirement that you have lost the essential element, which you once had, of being a good leader: a strong desire to serve the public and make a difference. Take a look at the ages of the people now running for President: Bernie Sanders, 74, Donald Trump, 69, Hillary Clinton, 68, John Kesick, 63, Ted Cruz, 45 and Marco Rubio, 44, with Clinton or Trump right now being the two most likely to become President. The biggest problem with the recent crop of young office holders like Hector Balderas, Tim Keller, Martin Heinrich, Maggie Talouse Oliver, and non-office holders like Brian Colon and DA candidate Raul Torrez, is that they are always looking to the next run at higher office instead of just concentrating on doing a good job and maturing in office. Heinrich especially is the best example of what I am talking about. In less than 10 years, he went from being a City Councillor, to US Congressman to US Senator, and other than being elected to office, how much has Martin really accomplished? I am still hoping for better out of Martin. You need to get some of your fire back, and you are not as old as you think, especially when talk to young people who seek your advice.