Monday, March 28, 2016

Sleepless in ABQ

I had a lot of trouble sleeping the last few nights.  But it wasn't the Hilary email story that was causing my restlessness.  It was some native pollen of some sort.  Kind of like I was sleeping with a cinder block on my chest.

I have to say that there is probably not a single person I know that is concerned about Hilary's emails.  It just doesn't mean anything.  It never comes up in any of the numerous political discussions I have every day.  Yeah, maybe it was a little sloppy, but when you consider the recent stories that the NSA would not give a secure phone to the Secretary of State because it was overly expensive, you have to wonder if emails even matter.  What would such a phone cost the government?  The cost of a Hellfire missile which we use up by the hundreds?

I might start losing sleep over one other issue, and that is the fact that our former google eyed Governor Gary Johnson is rising in the polls as he seeks the Presidency as a Libertarian.  That little factoid might stick down in my brain's sleep center for a while.  Generally, Johnson was a harmless and ineffectual Governor.  I agreed with him on his belief that the war on drugs was a farce.  But that is about all.

Currently though, my biggest worry is the lack of leadership on economic issues in the state.  Our Governor held another news conference on DUI, but to my recollection I don't think I have ever seen her hold a news conference on starting a plan to reinvigorate our job market.  Even Johnson might have seen some value in that.

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