Thursday, April 14, 2016

At the shooting range

22-250 100 yards, call me an eagle eye.  Five shots...all in the paint.  And for all you right-wingers this proves you can enjoy shooting sports without being an NRA lackey!


Bubba Muntzer said...

Very impressive. When the police start knocking on my door you'll be getting a phone call.

If you noticed in the Albuquerque Journal this afternoon the APD, as it does multiple times per week now, had it's military battlefield assault vehicles mobilized and had donned all its military battlefield assault costumes and was advancing on a working class residence at Candalaria and 2nd Street.

We know the Department of Justice and a federal judge are overseeing the APD for blowing away unarmed civilians at a little too high a rate, but even the retiree's group AARP is now tracking police killings, which are coming nationwide at almost three per day now per the Washington Post.

One must assume that any encounter with a cop is dangerous now. I'm even thinking about arming myself, something I've always been against in principle. I've noticed I can't look at a gun ad without entering another psychic world where the purposes for which the gun was designed create images and thought patterns on their own. These images and thought patterns, and not good sense and practicality, go into the fantasies of the cop supervisors who place orders and write policies after seeing pictures in the US government surplus catalogs of the military battlefield assault vehicles, weapons and costumes the feds are handing out to local police departments by the shipload.

Ok, then said...

Hey, Jim Baca, nice shootin' there.