Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Mayor Berry's budget is proposing a cut to the groups who serve as oversight watchdogs at the Albuquerque Police Department.   The Mayor says they can ask for money later if they  need it.  But this action really shows the disdain on the 7th floor at City Hall for putting together a fully functional police department.  You really wonder if anyone thinks very hard there.

Congressman Steve Pearce cancelled a secret round the world flight attempt in a single engine aircraft because of bad weather.  He said he kept it secret because terrorists or kidnappers might come after him if it were public.  Paranoia runs deep.  Pearce would not have been missed in Congress over the recess period.  All he does when they are in session is vote no on every single bill.  He is the Mitch McConnell of New Mexico.

It is almost hilarious to see the republican legislator bad  boy Nate Gentry raking in the dollars from the marijuana industry.  A few years ago he and his ilk would happily throw young people in jail for ten years for smoking a joint.  It really shows how money is the only motive for moving legislation in Santa Fe by the GOP.  I wonder if Gentry will ask the Governor to release all prisoners who are in jail for using or  trafficking the weed.  Oh, but that would cut off donations from the private prison sector!

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Anonymous said...

Out of a police budget of $165 million dollars, the Berry Administration slashed the legal fee budget for outside counsel for the Police Oversight Board from $175,000 to $75,000. It is reports like this that makes the public suspicious to the City’s and APD’s real commitment to police reform and civilian oversight under the consent decree. The Police Oversight Board needs outside counsel because the City Attorney has too many conflicts of interest to represent the Board. The Police Oversight Board was created in part because of all the officer involved shooting and the federal court consent decree. The Berry Administration easily found taxpayer money to pay $40 million dollars in settlements and enough taxpayer money to give Rob Perry and Chief Gordon Eden 35% and 25% pay raises respectfully. They also were able to find the money to hire a new Assistant Chief and Majors and pay them all over $100,000 a year each not to mention giving the command staff $6,000 to $12,000 retention bonuses. You can also add in the $4 million dollars found to pay for the Federal Monitor and the $1 million found to pay the experts to negotiate the consent decree. The City Council needs to slash a few salaries and come up with enough money for the Police Oversight Board, otherwise the City is making a mockery of civilian oversight.