Saturday, April 16, 2016

Effort Welcome

Intel is most likely laying off thousands of workers next week.  I drove by their Rio Rancho plant this week and was shocked by the empty parking lot.  There are still 2300 people working there, but what will happen to poor New Mexico's manufacturing job base after next week?

Probably the last person to know right now is Governor Susana Martinez.  She is out and about hoodwinking the media in New York and Florida.  There is not a lot wrong with working for your political party, but maybe she could call back home and ask the Lt. Governor or some business people if they might travel to Intel HQ to see if there is anything that might be done to save jobs in one of the poorest states in the nation.  That ranking is her responsibility after all.

History will take care of Susana Martinez's horrible record as Governor in New Mexico, just like it is taking care of Donald Trump and the rest of the wacko GOP presidential candidates that she will work at getting elected.  But in the meantime, very bad things are happening.

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