Thursday, April 21, 2016

Speech Again

Okay, so some jock ESPN guy gets fired for his comments on social media about transgenders using restrooms.  Although this guy in my opinion is a complete idiot, does he deserve to be fired for  using speech to voice his opinions?  This is all a slippery slope.  Interestingly, limiting free speech is being exercised most by corporate America.  They fear loss of profits.  Other than that do they really care what someone says?  Maybe, or maybe not.

This is different from the commendable actions of some corporations in attacking fundamentalist legislator freaks in North Carolina for making discrimination legal.  This is a basic question of fairness and equality, not freedom of speech.

Even as a left of center guy, I think the left is often overstepping its credibility on wanting people harmed for exercising their right to voice an opinion, no matter how stupid it is.  Don't forget, some people on the left also say stupid things.

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