Monday, April 25, 2016


Ted Cruz won't compete in New Mexico's primary in June.  I was hoping he wouldn't  show up with his fundamentalism.  Suddenly though, NM is in the game with its late Primary.  That means our failed Governor will be on Fox News for an evening.

Former Department of Public Safety head Darren White who quit his job with Governor Gary Johnson is now promoting his new medical marijuana business.  White left Johnson because Johnson wanted to legalize drugs.  White says marijuana helped him deal with pain from old injuries and he now realizes he was wrong in his views.  More likely he realized he was wrong in how much money he could make pushing the herb.  This kind of points out the fact that the GOP and right-wingers really can change, as long as there is money to be made.

I decided I would run for Mayor again.  I want to pass a law to allow confiscation of loud motorcycles and cars that exceed a certain decibel level. The noise yesterday on Central Avenue near the Aquarium and Botanical Gardens was terrible.  A lot of young men showing everyone they have big motors while making life miserable for the rest of us.   Just kidding about running for Mayor.  Life is too short.


Anonymous said...

Darren White is the total CON MAN when he was with APD he says he injured his back. But while he was on light duty he was spotted loading bags of cement at a local home improvement store. He will bend which ever way the wind blows. And he has been doing more than marijuana the past few years.

New Mexican said...

Medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, cocaine, crack, speed etc., etc., etc. That battle is essentially lost. What Darren White does or does not do is of little consequence except to expose him as a hypocrite.

The "illegal" drug war was in all reality lost when the person who pushed the American public over the 50% threshold of "illegal" drug user(s). And that happened a while back. It is but a matter of time before most, if not all, laws making the use of these drugs illegal are gone from the books. For all intents and purposes they are gone now as far as "users" and using go.

Personally the only problem I have with it is that some cannot help but becoming addicted. The damage and devastation these illegal drugs have caused in my family is beyond any description I can share. Gateway drugs or otherwise.

The family will never get over the grief and sorrow we see that has occurred and continues to occur. So many lives utterly destroyed.

I have no idea what the answer to our problem is, the system as it now stands did not stop it. I doubt that making it legal will help.

Bubba Muntzer said...

You are correct that the drug war has failed, NM, on multiple accounts. One being that more people have been killed in Mexico now than in the last two wars in Afghanistan, but the drug war is keeping "law enforcement" expanding and happy and US contractors are making billions supplying various kinds of "law enforcement" equipment for the war on Mexico. Hopefully problems like you are experiencing will be better tackled after we get to a more sensible approach to drugs and to public health in general.

Jim, I know what you mean about the loud motorcycles on that stretch of Central. I was coming across the Rio Grande bridge one night and a big pack of them were coming this way, and the leader popped a wheelie the entire length of the bridge. He did it the easy way, keeping it screaming in a low gear the entire way. There are places in the country where that can be done if you have to do it. I propose we get under the bridge one night and place some ordinance. Then just open up an app on your cell phone and wait.

Anonymous said...

So how many drug test did good ole Darren take while sporting a badge and gun . NONE. Hypocrite is to nice a term more like asshole.

Bill Bullion said...

Governor Baca sounds much better than Mayor Baca - go for it, surely you can spend more than the 2 hours a month the present one is doing...