Tuesday, April 19, 2016


This chart pretty much sums up why Bernie Sanders has done so well.


Bubba Muntzer said...

It's primarily young people who Sanders is popular with, too. Older Americans, if they're even aware of the situation your chart indicates, aren't really capable any more of imagining that anything can be done about it. The kind of things Sanders has been saying haven't been said to them for more than a generation now.

If you notice, that chart reflects an unbroken trend -- the dark blue, the 90 percent, keeps doing down, the red keeps going up. It's part of the economic transformation to Neoliberal economics that's taken place in this country that no New Mexico Democrat ever says anything about. They've kept us busy thinking they're doing something in Santa Fe and in Washington all the while that that trend established itself and got worse, and if you go any of their Facebook pages you'll see comment after comment of gushing praise for them. It's baffling, and very, very sad.

Bruce Shah said...

And it started when Regan assumed office. He made it socially acceptable to be selfish, blew smoke in everyone's eyes with trickle down economics, dropped the tax rate on the high end. Here we are.