Sunday, May 29, 2016


“I’m not going to get after them for doing something they thought was right,”  but I think it’s good that we’re moving in a different direction.”  That was a quote from Mayor Berry on the silly and counterproductive stings carried out by APD on homeless people when they sold $10 hits of meth to them. 

This one quote without a doubt shows the weakness of the Command structure surrounding the APD.  And it starts at the top.

In the meantime we have innocents dying in drive by shootings.  A man being dragged to death under a car. Police opening fire at a domestic violence scene.  And a lack of leadership and coordination at the recent sideshow called a Trump rally.

When I served as Mayor, Chief Jerry Galvin instituted something called Compstat to track crime and gangs.  There was also a concerted effort at creating community policing in ABQ.  It all was working until subsequent Mayors Chavez and Berry let it all melt down.  And now we are where we are.

The much troubled Los Angeles Police Department has adopted Compstat.  It has resulted in a dramatic drop in gang violence.  Read about it here.

In the meantime, it is time for some resignations at the City of Albuquerque.  Things need to get back on track.


Anonymous said...

Just love how the Mayor and Chief are no where to be found while Trump and Sanders were here. They disappear like a fart in the wind when they know things may hit the fan. True leadership is having a plan set in place a head of time and then carrying out said plan. The people that were at the rally were nothing but a bunch of PAID poor folk decided that they didn't care how bad they made the City look. The officers on scene should have started zip tying the angry mob and hauling them off to a nearby transport van and the to MDC. As the officers left with the turds two more step up and take their place and so on. The other cities and police departments so HOW NOT TO HANDLE A RALLY by watching how APD was handcuffed themselves by being told not to do anything even after officers were getting injured by bricks, urine bombs, and rocks. It needed to be head splitting time plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

As usual Mayor Berry decided to be 'out of town' when Trump arrived here. Wasn't he also in Brazil or was it AZ 'camping' in the aftermath of APD Boyde shooting? We were never told exactly where he was at that time. I think Hizzoner has a 'secure bunker in an undisclosed location' ala Dick Cheney.

I kept wonder on the night of the riots where in the world was the Mayor and his Chief. Neither one is exactly a 'stand-up' kind of guy.

Jim Baca said...

I deleted a profane comment that stated I was wrong about Compstat and that it was invented in the NYPD. It was, and Jerry Galvin and I instituted it at APD after we travelled to NYC to watch it in action.

Jim Baca said...

yes, they lived up to an even lower editorial standards than I though possible. But it pretty much puts the lie to having a fair and balanced newspaper. I actually don't know how people can work there.