Monday, May 16, 2016


Nigerian dwarf goats have been given a big boost in Rio Rancho.  The City Council there has now allowed goats and chickens on residential lots in the city that Intel made.  That is profound somehow, I am must not sure what it means.

PNM sent out a very complicated and unreadable letter with their bills this week.  They will be switching over their metering system from human meter readers to wireless downloads.  There is nothing wrong with that and in the long run it is a good idea.  Costs will be covered by an additional fee which supposedly will disappear after a few years.  The real problem here is that PNM sent out this piece of crap which they hoped no one would try to understand.  A simple letter explaining what was really intended would have made PNM look like a corporation that really cared about its customers.  This was a strictly amateur communication.

The rightwing media is up in arms about supposed censorship at Facebook.  They say the Facebook editors are not allowing conservatives to get their message out on that social media giant.  First off, that probably isn't true.  Just look at what some of your relatives say on that site.  Secondly, I look at the Albuquerque Journal and Fox News and wonder why their entire existence is given over to pushing rightwing philosophies with editorial views spilling over into reporting of news.

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Mark S. Lafite said...

Thanks for mentioning PNM's communique. I join you in your frustration with its confusing text.