Thursday, May 19, 2016


Should anyone be surprised that the Democratic Presidential campaign is getting nasty?  If they are they don't deal with reality very much.  Just look back to 2008.  As disappointing as Bernie's followers have become, the burden will certainly be on him to rally them after 'getting over it' after the Democratic Convention.  If he can't rise to the defense of the nation over his own ego, then he will be as reviled as Ralph Nader and his lunatic fringe.  And making sure that Trump isn't elected is a defense of out nation.

The true rightwing leanings of the City's Chief Administrative Officer Rob Perry has shown through in his no vote to allow fluoride to be once again added out our water supply, thus endangering the dental health of a whole generation. He reasoned no one should be forced into medical prevention by drinking water with scientifically proven amounts of the additive to prevent decay.  He sounds like these crazy fundamentalists that let their kids die because god must want it that way.  Perry and the others who voted against this are really irresponsible.  And of course the Mayor never weighed in on the issue.  He is in total stealth mode.

The interest by major players in getting the Management Contract for Sandia Labs is a who's who of corporate and public big hitters.  Sandia Labs is a major employer with great paying jobs.  Its our tax dollars coming back in multiples to help our region's economy.  You know, those jobs that the GOP hates because they are 'government jobs.'


Anonymous said...

According to this morning's "Journal" one of the speakers against adding Fluoride to our water was the 'activist' Don Schrader. Yes, that Don Schrader who has printed more than once that he drinks his own URINE for health reasons! The Water Authority Board put faith in Don Schrader who advocates for drinking Urine rather than drinking fluorinated water.

Has this City and County lost all common sense? I can't wait for the upcoming elections.

Bubba Muntzer said...

It turns out all the reports of violence in Nevada are based on the report of one political blogger up there and are wrong, is what I'm reading. There's no video of any violence.

But I don't blame you for taking that tack and characterizing Sanders supporters as you do in this post. That's all you hear from the Democratic Party and most of the media, and it will increase as the election nears. Part condescension, part fear mongering and part trying to shame people into lining up behind Hillary Clinton. That's not going to be very effective, but in lieu of any rational reason for voting for a warmongering handmaid of Wall Street what else is there?

Donald Trump can do far less harm, to American workers but mostly to the innocent people of other countries who will be mass murdered by the US war machine when Hillary gets control of it. He's said he wants to talk to other countries. Hillary wants to obliterate them. Lunacy would be to enable it with your vote. He says things that offend peoples' sensibilities. She kills people.

Jim Baca said...

Donald Trump the wall builder is far more dangerous Bubba. Because he is a stupid vane man, where as at least Hilary is smart. I don't like her much but taking a chance on Trump and his enablers is just plain suicide. Hilary's intentions with the war machine are truly worrisome, but Bernie isn't going to win.