Monday, May 30, 2016


For the first time Mayor Berry will be thrown under the Bus by the Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board after his weak kneed comments on silly stings carried out by APD.  But when?


Anonymous said...

How about his disappearing act whenever his hand picked political hack Chief of Police causes a riot. Boyd "justified", the city erupts in 8 days of violence and where was Berry? To this day he refuses to answer that question. He was supposed to be on a TAXPAYER funded trip to Brazil, but after days of giving the media this story, Berry's staff admitted he did not go on the trip and they had no idea where he was. On day 8 Berry appears, looking ill, and says he was camping with his family and not to ask about it. Of course KOB, KOAT, KRQE and the Journal didn't ask. Too bad the Free Press wasn't around then. Flash forward to Trump 2016. Berry flees Albuquerque the day before Trump arrives on a trip to NYC. So Berry is gone again as the city erupts in violence because Chief Eden wouldn't allow his officers to wear protective gear and maintain the peace. It is time for Eden to be fired. He has no experience in anything, except doing back room deals.

Anonymous said...

To think that Gordon Eden was selected as Chief after a (ahem)"national search". When I read in the paper that the 3 finalists were the former Police Chiefs of both Dallas and Houston and some guy in Santa Fe named Gordon Eden, I knew the fix was in.

Anonymous said...

You were wrong. The Journal editorial "Better uses for police than drug stings of homeless" did not throw Berry under the bus for his weak kneed comments. Instead, the editors complimented Berry on his innovative programs to help the homeless.