Tuesday, May 24, 2016


UNM powers that be are scrubbing clean the email system at the institution to make sure any vestiges of independence are eradicated.  Of course, this will cause lots of confusion and a waste of time.  I have spent the last couple of months changing my email from the hapless Comcast servers to Gmail.  It isn't easy.  Surely, there must be better things to do at UNM.

Trump will be here tonight giving a speech, but we will be watching the finale to the "Night Manager' on AMC.  It is all fiction too, but better fiction.  And it won't destroy America's standing in the world.

It was almost hilarious to watch Governor Susana Martinez explain why she wouldn't attend Trump's appearance.  She stumbled and mumbled that she was busy taking care of New Mexico, and didn't have the time.  I can now see why she has never submitted herself to questions at a news conference.  She doesn't have what it takes to field questions that she hasn't pre approved.

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New Mexican said...

Susana is the classic "empty suit". Even though she does not wear them. She is an embarrassing public speaker. Entry level Toastmasters type of public speaker.