Monday, May 09, 2016


I haven't opined on the issue of UNM shutting the venue out for the annual Gathering of Nations at UNM's Pit.  But I get the feeling that we don't really know the whole story here.  Especially since UNM acted in an unusual and arrogant way.  That  usually isn't the way the Administration handles things.

I am reminded of a controversy I got into when I was Mayor.  A large promoter came into the Convention Center for a show.  Afterwards he started demanding refunds for his fees to rent the large venue.  The management said he had been a very difficult tenant and we made the decision to not make refunds and he then ran to the media saying  he had been wronged.  Of course the ABQ Journal was immediately on my case that 'the customer was always right.'  Which isn't always true for sure.  So we did a little investigating on the promoter and found out he pulled this prank in every city where he rented facilities.  It was nothing more than a scam aimed at reducing his costs.  But of course the ABQ Journal ignored that part of the story.

So, UNM's decision might be based on other factors than just making a stupid decision.  I wonder if we will hear their part of the story, if there is one.

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