Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Bobble Heads

The group that wants a huge increase on the alcohol excise tax reminds me of those bobbleheads on a automobile dashboard.  They just keep nodding.  They think this can solve the state's fiscal problem.  Really, it is a silly notion.

First off, while alcohol no doubt costs society a huge amount of grief and money, right now it pales in significance to the addiction to oil and its effects on climate change.

So if we want to solve some state fiscal problems we just need to do a couple of common sense things.

1. Raise the gasoline tax 15 cents per gallon for the next five years.

2. Legalize marijuana sales and tax them for a hefty shot in the arm to state revenues.

3.  Okay, if we could do those two thing first, then raise the excise tax on booze.


Anonymous said...

Yes. Just tax the heck out of everything. That's the answer.

Anonymous said...


are you simpleminded? do you see any solutions other than cutting? These are easy ones really. But no, you are one of these people who hate all government but use government services every day.

New Mexican said...

"those bobbleheads on a automobile dashboard" would then be of marijuana users dozing off as they went into their mild drug induced comas. Mild, but still a coma and still drug induced.

Legalizing drugs because over 50% of the population are users does not make it right. Now that some middle class and affluent folks are afraid to be caught with the illegal stuff they want to legalize it. As these folks move to using other illegal drugs we will see efforts to legalize those.

The reason we have not seen that yet, is the numbers are not there.

Anonymous said...

Don't hate government. Just hate government wasting money. Hate fully able bodied people being given handouts for doing jack shit.

Anonymous said...

so your problem is you hate. good luck with that. Seek help