Tuesday, September 27, 2016


It was harder to watch Trump last night than I thought it would be.  What can the international community think of America?  I mean this guy has the support of about 40% of our neighbors.  I have come to the conclusion that it will remain a mystery of the Universe.  Perhaps we live in one of those alternate Universes where everything turns to crap.   I wish we had a time machine so we could take care of the problem.

I haven't felt this weird about things since I was on Hydrocodone after my knee replacement.  But those weird feelings were funny and good.  This weirdness is surreal in a bad way.

This nice long vacation in Spain is coming none to soon.  I have threatened to send friends a photo of every tapas bar we go into.  They said I better not.


Anonymous said...

Gary Johnson is looking better with each passing day. Hillary is a train wreck. Trump is saying the things that so many others have been afraid to say but he scares me a tad.

Ned Judge said...

I want to know some specifics that Trump is saying that others are afraid to say? Three or four will do. That Mexican immigrants are rapists and murderers? That the Hispanic former Miss Universe was a fat housemaid? Come on, give us some damm specifics?

Anonymous said...

Well you nailed two right on the head. That Miss Universe has been on Hillary's payroll for awhile and was just waiting in the wings to spew her crap.