Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Mark Lautmann, the respected NM Economic Seer, says our state might be in an economic death spiral.

The Bond Rating Companies are considering down grading NM State Government Bonds because revenues are falling and no one is doing anything about it.

The right wing Albuquerque Journal editorial board did a courageous thing in hinting in an editorial  this morning that any number of tax hikes might be needed. They think everything is on the table.

The worse Governor in New Mexico History is nowhere to be seen or heard from on our state's precarious future.

This is all unprecedented in my lifetime.  Now we need some real leaders in the Legislature.  Are there any?


DG said...

"Nowhere to be seen..."? What d'ya mean, Jim ... I've seen Governor Pizza photobombing all over the place lately, trying to make it look like she gives a damn about her constituents!

New Mexican said...

We as New Mexicans and U.S. Citizens cannot seem to come up with real leaders lately. The choice for state leadership we passed up in 2014 was bad and this is what we have to show for it. Granted not all can be laid at Susana Martinez' lap, however the great majority of our condition can. She has done nothing, not a damn thing to improve the average New Mexicans lot.

Nationally we have a horrible choice to make this fall. Either way it will be messy for various reasons, some visible, others not so much. We can choose messy or disastrous, not a good choice.

These are tough times when we need bold, inspired, capable leadership. I do not know if they are forthcoming.

I just reread a book, a personal favorite, that I have in my personal library:

Forgotten Frontiers by Alfred Barbaby Thomas on one of our previous governors who was one of the best of all time. Saved New Mexico a while back.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Gov. Susana just raised money from 2 TEXAS oil & gas companies. La Tejana indeed!

Unknown said...

As a journalist I know reported recently when she had wanted to interview Suzanna on a public affairs show and was told by the Governor's staff, "National won't allow it"

Ok, then said...

Guess we'll just have to elect some.

Anonymous said...

Susanna is a bad governor, but the worst governor was Bill richtarson.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that's accurate because she came in where he left off and the state is definately in worse condition.

Anonymous said...

Keeping this state a hotbed for drug business is the bottom line=Sinaloa Cartel territory. Keeping the river of tax-free drug$ flowing is the real economy and must be fed by the addiction and sacrificial lambs of our youth.
This chain of corruption is extensive and inclusive.Fatal Cross of I-40 & I-25 anchors this business. Impossible to have clean cops and government in this sewer.
The current campaign to acknowledge the damage of options by the Feds here is window dressing unless it is followed through with more treatment centers and viable and better wage employment.
Too many profit from the dirty money-including all who launder it.
Have mercy on us.