Thursday, September 22, 2016

Find the Tarantula

Twin Warriors Golf Course

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Bubba Muntzer said...

Is that the tarantula in the post below? Har. That's a nice picture though.

Speaking of her governess, it seems the Democrats could come up with something to counter the governor's strategic move of putting the death penalty into the special legislative session mix. Just having sensibility, or increased taxes, to use as a bargaining chip is fine for some of us but it doesn't capture the popular imagination or make headlines. Something big and important and tied to the current situation and that if the governor refuses it and the budget problem is unsolved it leaves the impression in peoples' minds that she created the problem. Something like a huge jobs bill, or a statue of a visionary former land commissioner.

But Jay Maklaskey was thinking like this when he came up with the death penalty idea. It was about energizing her base, yes, but it created leverage for the governor vis a vis Democrats in the budgeting process. They might think about thinking like that.