Sunday, May 21, 2006


We are taking a two day swing into the North East part of the state. We started in Raton. The drive up on Sunday morning was actually kind of upsetting. I have never seen the landscapes in such bad shape because of the drought. Usually, when you leave Las Vegas and head towards Wagon Mound you are greeted by vast green plains to the east and Mountains to the west. The mountains are still there but there are no green plains. Brown is the adjective to use now......

One of my favorite people up here is Ed Olona of Springer. Ed retired from state government work a few years ago. He is an avid outdoor sportsmen and knows the best places to hunt all over northern New Mexico. He is also a ferocious guradian of access by hunters to state lands. He and his colleagues caught the current land commissioner trying to trade away Whites Peak near Springer to a private corporation. He stopped the deal cold with the help of the Governor and Attorney General who intervened after I asked them to meet with Ed and his friends.

Ed and I have worked together on these issues for many years. He is a really good man.

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