Thursday, June 21, 2007


So, I was reading in the paper this weekend that there are some pretty good websites out there for us baby boomers to use to strengthen our brains. Yes, our brains apparently need exercise need exercise. (That was an unintended typo that I saw on first edit. I left it to make the point.) It turns out that mine especially does after taking some tests at

In fact, I have been on a real downer since taking the trials. Alzheimer's at 62? Damn. Things were not all bad though. I did increase my scores after a little practice and I decided to pay a three month fee to take their full course of brain exercises. I had started doing a couple of cross word puzzles every night, but that obviously isn't enough.

On another matter, if you didn't read columnist Ned Farquhar's piece on Pete Domenici in the Albuquerque Journal this morning, you missed a pointed critique of the Senator's anachronistic energy and climate beliefs. I don't think I have ever seen someone take on Pete this way and I am happy this column was carried by the Journal.

At the same time I think my favorite editorial cartoonist, John Trever of the Journal, went over the top with his cartoon this morning showing our Governor waving a flag of surrender. I guess Trever doesn't like the Guv's get out of Iraq plan. Fourteen more American soldiers died in the last 24 hours, along with a lot of Iraqi civilians.


Anonymous said...

The Guv is right on Iraq.
The Guv was right to get Ned out of his office.

Anonymous said...

Domenici has misserved NM and the West.

Ned wasn't removed, still works closely with Gov. The companies that don't like him wanted his hide but all they got was air.

Anonymous said...

Ned was a good and reliable person to have in the Governor's office. I am glad he was there but can understand his decision to leave to spend more time with his family. Governor Richardson is a demanding boss and family folks sometimes need to get back to their first responsibility. Who ever wrote that first post is obviously uninformed.

Ned F said...

Just a quick note, since I am Ned. Anoymous #1, that's a nasty little rumor and it isn't true! It must have crawled out from under a rock. The Governor asked me to stay longer, but I knew I couldn't do what he needed for the presidential campaign and respectfully got out on my own initiative. I knew, for instance, that one of our children would likely need some significant surgery that was performed last month. This demands my attention more than driving to Santa Fe daily -- regardless of my loyalty and high respect for the Governor. Please feel free to call me and discuss it! I am at 344 7501. Thanks!