Monday, December 08, 2008


It was sad to get back home Saturday evening and find out that Alice King was in critical condition from a stroke. Sunday she passed away.

I first met Alice King in the 1970's when I was a reporter for KOAT-TV. I was covering a Governor's Conference in Oregon and followed Governor King around for a day. Alice was really helpful to me on what was important about the conference. It was then that I realized she was much more than a ceremonial First Lady.

Some years later I went to work for the King administration as News Secretary. I worked with the Kings through one statewide campaign and two administrations which launched me on a career in politics. Alice King was always helpful and understanding and she always looked out for the Governor's office employees and Cabinet Secretaries. She knew the issues and was also Bruce King's most trusted and respected adviser.

Alice King cared about people. She cared about children and the poverty stricken. She was a loving and involved person and we all mourn her loss.

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