Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Senate Cofirmed Positions

I know a couple of New Mexico people who are considering taking high ranking jobs in the Obama administration. These would be Senate confirmable positions. The reasons to accept a job like that are as numerous as not accepting a job like that.

Here are some reasons for accepting the job.
1. You would be part of a historic transfer of power from a bunch of clowns to a bunch of smart people.
2. You would be able to influence good policy for the well being of the nation.
3. You would add to your resume and a brighter future for your career.
4. Your family would experience a new kind of living in the East
5. You would go to the White House often for receptions and meetings.
6. You would generally be on the A-List for everyone who cares about the issues you work on.
7. You will travel a lot in your job.
8. You will have done something not many people get to experience. Its the top of the game.
9. By New Mexico standards you will make a decent salary.

Here are reasons not for accepting the job.
1. You will be worked to death trying to fix what those clowns did to the country.
2. You will get frustrated when the good policies you espouse are gutted by high paid lobbyists.
3. You may have to stay in DC to take advantage of your new career opportunities.
4. Your family would experince a new kind of living in the East.
5. The time spent at White House receptions is really work, not fun.
6. You will eventually not be on the A-List as everyone is pissed at you for caring about the right issues.
7. You will travel a lot in coach, in the middle seat, because no matter how important you are you are just a government passenger to the airline.
8.You will have done something not many people experience and some of them might be thankful.
9. Although you make good money in these positions they are not at all adequate in the DC area for supporting a family as well as in New Mexico.

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