Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Honestly, how do goofy people like this Governor from Illinois get elected? Do people just totally sign out on who they vote for? This guy must be delusional to offer so blatantly to sell the Senate seat of the President the highest bidder. Apparently he was facing other looming indictments and knew well that his phones may be tapped. One of my friends mentioned this morning that maybe the guy isn't an idiot or delusional. That maybe he was doing this on purpose to seem an idiot and delusional so he could make a plea on his other problems that he was 'crazy'. Who knows for sure?

In the meantime this kind of stuff just makes people distrust government even more. Other important things get left in the dust. Like Obama and Gore's meeting on Climate Change. What a shame the press could not spend a little time on that.

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