Sunday, December 21, 2008

Inauguration Not

Bobbi and I decided not to go to the Inauguration yesterday. We canceled our airline tickets(which we will use at Cherry Blossom time), car rental and notified our friends not to clean up their spare bedroom for us.

I am not doing this because Obama has asked Rick Warren to pray at his swearing in. That really pisses me off by the way. Having a guy like Warren who openly wars on Gays and also feels that a woman's uterus is not hers to supervise is not exacly what I expected. The bigger question is why have any religious ceremony at a government funded event at all?. Oh well, that is the issue we can never win I suppose.

No, the reason we are not going to the big event, which I am still happy about, is that you will not be allowed to take an umbrella on to the mall between the capitol and the Washington monument. Also, they will close the restrooms in the metro stations. Also, they don't know where to park 10,000 buses. The list could go on. It makes sitting in front of the TV with an Irish coffee and a fire going seem much more attractive.

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Avelino said...

Ah, sad Jim. I was looking forward to seeing you at the NM State Society Gala.

I do understand your reservations though - the city is going to be a mad house.