Monday, December 22, 2008

Dirty Pork

Mayor Chavez and his administration wrote up a list of pork projects they would like funded by the Federal stimulus package that President Elect Obama is espousing and which is necessary. Now I read this in the Albuquerque Journal this morning.

Ed Adams, Albuquerque's chief administrative officer, put it this way: "If they expect to have the cities and the counties move these projects forward, they've got to streamline the environmental process. They can't run these projects the way they've done in the past."

So, I can only assume that Ed Adams and the Mayor feel that skirting the laws that protect air, land and watersheds are worth filling city coffers with much needed cash. I am surprised by this since Marty has discovered that he gets good press by talking 'green' all the time. Maybe it really was just 'greenwash.' after all.

I can't believe that there are not projects that are already vetted and ready to go that won't require the skirting of environmental impact scrutiny. As they are identified we should all get behind them so people can be put to work and then provide for their families. That is one thing the Mayor and the Council can agree upon.

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